Continuing Education Training

Following other state industry associations, MBAKY has worked to become an approved provider of continuing education, Provider #1405096, for MBAKY members and other Kentucky industry participants. In late-December, MBAKY submitted an application and supporting material for this, that was approved. A lot of the credit for this is due to Kim Miller with Arch MI, who is also the Education Committee Chair for the Tennessee Mortgage Bankers Association. TMBA has offered this now for multiple years and has been very successful in delivering annual education required by the SAFE Act.

We are working with industry education providers to purchase course content, and expect that to be completed in early-April. Also, and we have three approved trainers for this who will be reviewing the course material in preparation for training which is expected to start in May or early-June through November.

More details will be available shortly, including dates, locations and costs for this, and if you have any questions, contact the MBAKY office at 317-428-7699 or